Our most asked questions

How much is shipping?

We want everyone to be able to try a Bamboozle toothbrush for themselves – so we’ve made shipping absolutely free. Thank us later.


Are your delivery methods eco-friendly?

Of course! The bubble wrap not only keeps your Bamboozle snug until its first use, it’s also biodegradable.


What are Bamboozle toothbrushes made of?

We’re quite proud of the research we’ve done to make a quality, sustainable toothbrush.

We carefully selected the bamboo from INBAR, in the Fujian province of China. They specialize in Moso Bamboo, meaning they make use of the entire plant. It’s fully certified, controlled and incredibly sustainable – even the bamboo waste goes into producing biomass energy!


Bamboozle bristles are manufactured and blended with Nylon 6 from fully sustainable sources, tested and certified with a Charcoal filament of 2.5%.


And before you say it, yes we know Nylon 6 isn’t biodegradable. Using Nylon 6 means we can keep our brushes vegan-friendly instead of, you know, animal hair. Check out our disposal description below.


How should I dispose of my Bamboozle brush?

3 months have passed and it’s time to say goodbye. We get it. 


Simply gently remove the bristles and pop those in the general waste. Or, if you’re the more aggressive type, snap your Bamboozle’s poor head off. 


Your toothbrush handle is now ready to meet its maker via the compost heap. 

Do you offer wholesale options?

We sure do – check out our wholesale page for more info.


Why does Bamboozle exist?

Well, we’re so glad you asked! You can read more about our story and why we’re passionate about the planet on our blog.