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Why we created Bamboozle toothbrushes!

Updated: May 11, 2020

‘Why start a toothbrush company?’ you might ask.

And just because we’re that way inclined, we might reply ‘Well, why not?’

Truthfully though, Bamboozle started up in May  2019 after  out right quitting a mind-numbingly boring jobs and taking time for a much-needed self-assessment. 

Being lucky enough to take time away from working and travelling around in a camper van (yep, cliché central), it wasn’t long before I realised just how many plastic toothbrushes I’d used. This was a big no-no. 

Now, when I see a problem I like to solve it. So naturally, I thought it was time to wage a war on plastic, with bamboo as my chosen weapon. Single-use plastic, it’s time to take your final bow.

After some extensive research and testing over a period of three or so months, it became clear to me that bamboo toothbrushes were the answer. Thanks to the legend that is David Attenborough, most of us are all too aware of our effect on the environment, but feel powerless to do much about it. 

The truth is, we can all make small changes that can eventually lead to bigger impact. 

Starting Bamboozle has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, leading to hundreds of single-use toothbrushes being replaced by a much more sustainable option.

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support Bamboozle and our war on single use plastic :)

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