Ready to commit? We love that! This four-pack is perfect if you want your full year’s brushing taken care of, or if you’re changing up brushing habits for the whole family. Whatever your reason, you’ll save yourself a bit of money as well as the environment too.  


Made from biodegradable Moso bamboo, Bamboozle is a super planet-friendly brush. The charcoal-infused bristles are ace at whitening and cleaning, while still playing nice with your gums. Our brushes are on the smaller size, so are great for little hands as well as producing less waste.


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  • Handle: Sustainably sourced Moso bamboo

    Bristles: Nylon 6


    Each brush should be used for approximately three months. Once you’re finished with your brush, remove the bristles and pop those in the general waste. Your bamboo handle can be completely composted.